Conditions for Exercising the Right of Refusal.

I. The right of refusal:

1. You have the right to refuse the purchased goods within fourteen (14) days without giving any reason.

2. The right of refusal will end after 14 days from the date when you or any third person has purchased the goods or from the date of delivery of the goods by a carrier and transfer thereof into your ownership.

3. In order to exercise the right of refusal, you should notify Elfu Fabrika LLC, at the address: 15-1, Pēterbaznīcas str., Riga, LV-1050 or via E-mail:, about your decision to refuse the purchase.

4. In order to observe the period of the right of refusal, it is necessary to send your notice till the end of this period.

II. Consequences of refusal:

1. If you refuse the goods, we will return all payments received from you within 14 calendar days except for direct transport costs:

– A purchaser will be repaid after the goods, purchased from us, has been returned to the shop of Elfu Fabrikа LLC and our specialist has certified that the item was not damaged and retained its marketable condition and features.

– Expenses on return of the goods will be paid by a purchaser and will not be further indemnified.

– Please note that Elfu Fabrikа LLC will not accept the goods sent back by Express mail, as of the time of the goods receipt, there has been no possibility for both parties to be present at certifying of visual condition, defects of the goods and complete set thereof. Having sent the goods to Elfu Fabrikа LLC using a courier services, you agree with the acceptance certificate, visual condition of the goods and its complete set unilaterally made by Elfu Fabrikа LLC representative. Your subsequent complaints with regard to condition of the goods will be deemed groundless. Therefore, we recommend you personally to return the goods in our customer centre of Elfu Fabrika at the address: 10, Smilsu str., Riga.

2. When exercising the right of refusal, you may use the goods as long as necessary to verify it (the same as it may be done prior to purchasing items in an ordinary store, i.e. to have a look at appearance and size of the goods without making any manipulations (for example, setting and lighting decorative candles or gluing of items on a surface, etc.)). Exercising the right of refusal, a consumer shall bear responsibility for the use of the goods during the period, which exceeds the time provided for its verification.

III. Consumer may not exercise the right of refusal:

If according to paragraph 22 of Cabinet Regulation No. 255 of 20.05.2014 “Regulations Regarding Distance Contracts”:

–  The price of goods depends on fluctuations in the financial market, which the seller cannot reasonably control and which may occur during the period of the right of refusal;

– The goods are made to the consumer’s specifications or are clearly personalised;

– The goods are, after delivery, according to their nature, inseparably mixed with other items;

– The goods have been mechanically and/or externally damaged, what resulted in decrease of their cost.

Other provisions.

Online shop Elfu Fabrika shall not keep copies of Purchase Agreement.

To correct error made during placing an order, please, contact us by E-mail: or at the address: 15-1, Pēterbaznīcas str., Riga.

You can make your purchase order in Latvian, English or Russian.

Photos of goods being viewed in online shop Elfu Fabrika may slightly differ from appearance of real goods. For the avoidance of unpleasant misunderstanding, we kindly ask you to contact Elfu Fabrika by E-mail: in order to specify or define more exactly characteristics of the goods and eliminate inaccuracies related to their order.  

Elfu Fabrika LLC would like to inform that it has the right not to accept the goods back if it has been ascertained that the decrease of the cost of the returned goods and damage caused to them was a result of consumer actions.