Corporate gifts and souvenirs.

Companies, the same as people, like to give and receive gifts. A well-chosen souvenir will draw attention of new customers and remind the established customers of you. It will open “the right” doors and single out the best employees.

Each corporate gift made by Elfu fabrika is an original composition of bronze, fancy glass, ceramics, metal, natural stone or fine wood. There are also sets of collection porcelain. Once we were ordered a small candle house – an exact prototype of the town hall, where the wedding ceremony had been held for a loving couple.

Works of Elfu fabrika adorn offices of mayors of European cities, central offices of European banks, offices of large production and trade companies, as well as desktops of directors of the Parisian and Tallinn Zoos. Our established customers are Riga City Council, Latvian Olympic Committee, Hanza bank, Enefit, TD Baltic, Serviks Riga, UBAK, Grindex, Marupe Agricultural Centre, etc.

Our artists are able to materialize any idea and intertwine elements of customers’ logos, their design and style into future composition. All craftwork are produced in single copies or in strictly limited series and are never repeated later on.