Glass miniatures.

Elfu Fabrika introduces a collection of coloured glass miniatures.A magic garden, where on a dreamer-gardener whim, there are growing flowers of glass. Roses, tulips, orchids – their crystalline petals fancifully play with glare of light. Stems quietly ring in the wind or at a touch of hands. Bizarre birds are hidden in branches of crystalline glass; their song is about to sound. Queer animals have a rest from the heat in the shadow. A shoal of coloured fish frisks in the pond.

The whole world made of glass. It’s hard to imagine that some time ago it was just a bunch of coloured glass tubes. A blaze transformed fragile glass into elastic threads, and hands of our masters knitted these small coloured miracles as if of queer yarn. All items of our mini-collection are produced by hand, what makes each masterpiece unique.