Guarantee Conditions.

If a manufacturer’s defect has been found in the goods purchased by you:

You live in Riga or in its vicinity:

– Please return the purchase along with the documents confirming the fact of purchasing to Elfu Fabrika shop at the address: 15-1, Pēterbaznīcas str., Riga.

You live outside Latvia:

– Specify the essence of your claim in the letter. Send us detailed photos for identification and evaluation of the damage or ascertaining of the defect.

In case of any defect or hidden faults in the goods, a buyer is entitled to demand a replacement of the purchase with a similar one within one month (30 calendar days).

If the detected and confirmed defect resulted in complete impossibility to use the item, the buyer is entitled to demand full replacement of the goods or return of money, previously paid to the seller, excluding expenses for transportation of the goods to the buyer.

Procedure for Consideration of Complaints and Out-of-Court Disputes.

Please submit your complaints on the quality of the goods via E-mail: or in writing to the address: 15-1, Pēterbaznīcas str., Riga, LV-1050. A complaint will be considered within 15 working days from the date of its receipt. A reply will be sent to the contact address, specified by you.

If the complaint has been acknowledged groundless and you haven’t agreed with acknowledgment of the complaint groundlessness, you will have the right to use alternative ways of dispute resolution, indicated in regulatory enactments, by submitting a written application to the seller of the goods on an out-of-court settlement of the dispute, having indicated:

– Name, surname, contact information

– Date of the application submission;

– The essence of the dispute and complaint and its grounds.

Information on possibilities for settlement of out-of-court disputes and on structures that settle out-of-court disputes:

– Information on the process of settlement of disputes:

– Information on the database of these structures that settle out-of-court consumer disputes:

– Information on settlement of disputes online (SIT): If a problem has emerged with the goods purchased online, a customer can use online platform for submission of a complaint, which will be considered by an independent structure on settlement of disputes. Here is the link to the online platform: