About company

The company «Elfu Fabrika» ( Elf Factory ) was founded in 2005 . Main activities : manufacture and sale of works of decorative art , furnishings and design, gifts and hand-made souvenirs . In 2007, in the Old Riga (Latvia ), a gallery «Elfu Fabrika», in which the works of famous authors States. Today the gallery «Elfu Fabrika» became tourist attraction and is very popular among residents and visitors to Latvia. For them in our gallery A video showing the work of our artists and the process of creating works . Today the collection «Elfu Fabrika» has more than 1,000 of the original models : sculptures and art objects made ​​of crystal, ceramics, ceramic candle houses , stone pottery ( grog ) , designer porcelain , glass miniature sculptures made of bronze and steel , with Riga -themed souvenirs . «Elfu Fabrika» has its own staff of artists and designers , which allows us to execute orders of any complexity. We work with leading artists and craftsmen States. Due to this, our collection is replenished every year dozens of new products.

The concept of «Elfu Fabrika»

Progress leads to the gradual dying off of manual labor. But we think the world should remain protected islands , keeping the traditions and techniques of the old masters. Where there is no place armies pressed clones. Where in each product you can feel the hands and the heart of the wizard. To the buyer , picking up the best work , could feel – it was created especially for him. And a miracle happened connection! Joy or sadness website . His thoughts and dreams. Sleepless nights spent on the creation of the work , got inside of another person, and there came together . Giving rise to a feeling of joy and creative empathy.

All products released «Elfu Fabrika», produced entirely by manual labor , in a single copy or small lots . Many of the works are copyright stigma. Some of our work has been honored with international awards: the silver medal at the competition in Hannover (Germany ) and a bronze at the Exhibition of Applied Art in Sapporo ( Japan) .

Our customers are:

Rīgas Dōme, Embassy of the Russian Federation in Latvia , Latvijas olimpiskas komiteja, Pirma Baltijas Kanale 1 , Hanza banka, Enefit, Venspils augstskola, Severstallat, Cherepovets Steel Mill , Knauf (Latvija), Simeks, TD Baltic, Serviks Rīga, UBAK, Grindex, Mārupes lauksaimniecības centrs, Rīgas ziepju manufaktūra, “Uzņēmējs”, LGS, KVN Latvija , etc.