Candle houses

Each house is a small masterpiece! Our candle houses are especially popular with buyers and tourists. Currently, there are more than 500 original items in Elfu fabrika collection. They are prototypes of monuments of world architecture, dwellings of fairy tale characters, and houses in fantasy style.

Our houses are unique both in complexity and in quality. Each detail is made solely by hand. Production of even very small model of a candle house requires in average up to one hundred (!) operations. In big-size models their number reaches 800-1,000 operations. Details of future houses are so small that they require true jewellery accuracy from a master. No wonder that most of our masters are women. Only graceful women’s fingers are able to create such small miracles. As a result, each our house becomes a particular masterpiece, as if a revived part of a good fairy tale. Here one won’t see an effect of “smoothness”, typical for items made by the way of moulding or stamping.

The process of candle house creation.

Masters roll clay out into a thin sheet, of which they cut details of a future house. The details are bound into a single piece and sent for drying for two days. Then they make the first baking in a furnace at temperature of 800 degrees. Cooled houses are covered with special primer, then dried, painted by hand and baked in the furnace again. The full production cycle of a candle house is about 4-5 days. It’s important to note that all houses equipped with a square tube have a function of an aroma lamp. It’s enough to put a lighted candle inside the house, pour a few drops of aromatic oil into a tube, and your home will be filled with enchanting and healing aroma. In our shop you can buy several types of high quality aroma oils for all tastes.

Special offer:

Specially for you, our masters can make a candle house of an individual design. Just tell us your ideas, draw a sketch or send us three photos with a view of a building, and we’ll make a unique candle house only for you! It’s up to you to decide how it’ll look like, i.e. a monument of history or architecture. Or maybe be your own house will be a model for a candle one!