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The Elf’s glass worlds.

Elf’s glass works are known today far beyond the Baltic States. The master’s works decorate places like houses of European nobility, residences of Arabian sheikhs and even seven-star hotels in Dubai which is called “Sail”. Several works of the master, made by order of the company “Gazprom”, were presented as a gift to Russian ex-president Vladimir Putin. The forms and techniques of Elf works’ are unique. Critics are baffled. What is it? Is it the mood of the author or is it a cosmic world inside the glass? Once the master was asked :” How is the product idea born?” And he replied: “I sit in a quiet place and start turning over my last impressions as if they were pages of a book.” At first, emotions are born, and then color. And finally, there is an image. Now it is up to device to make it. All Elf’s works are handmade. Techniques have only slightly changed over several centuries. However, an author has a lot of his own unique methods and technologies. For example, fusion of glass and metal, working with multi-layer alloys and foaming glass, adding to the melt of rare earth metals and even organic matter. The grid of small air bubbles is also done manually without laser technology and it remains a mystery even for Italian glassblowers from the island of Murano.

The constant temperature in the furnace is over 1600 degrees. If we stop the process for at least a minute, precious raw material (high-quality crystals) will be irreversibly damaged. The master should concentrate on every single product, just one master’s careless move and semi-finished product can only be thrown away. The process of creating even a simple sculpture takes about 3 days!

It started 20 years ago, when a young graduate  of  the Latvian Academy of Arts, decided to create his  own studio.  To buy  the  first simplest equipment  he had  to  mortgage property, borrow money from a bank and even ask for help of his family. The first shop was opened in a city bath’s dilapidated building. “For three years I had to wear one and the same jeans, drive the car that, actually, needed to be thrown to the dump. In winter, we warmed ourselves in front of the furnace and struggled with terrible drafts “- says Elf. But in summer temperature in the shop rose up to 55 degrees above zero. In these hellish conditions people had to work together and watch that anyone wouldn’t faint.

The success did not come immediately. Elf had to look for the direction of creative style, techniques and technologies all the time. “I moved step by step, until I did not feel that the glass bow down to me. As if I was hearing it. The glass itself told   me  what  methods  to  use,  where  to  go “- says  Elf.  The  first  earned   money   was  invested  in modernization of  production.  Then we  built  a  new building. Today Elf  is  proud  of   the   fact  that   his   studio  is one  of the best in the Baltics in Terms of the quality and working conditions.

The   master   has   to   plan  orders   some   months  in  advance.  But,   according  to   the  author,  he  has   no  plans  to  expand  production. “The   conveyor   allows  you   to  get maximum  profit, but it kills creativity and individuality”- says the master.

Studio “Elfu fabrika” presents a unique opportunity.

You   can   order   the   logo   of  your   company, or  gift  inscription on t he  finished product  with  laser  engraving. In  addition,  in  conjunction  with our artists you can.