Fancy glass

The pride of our collection.

Works of glass craftsman Elf are the pride of our collection. Nowadays he is known far beyond the Baltics. His sculptures adorn houses of European nobility, forks of Arab sheikhs and even seven-star hotel Burj Al Arab in Dubai.

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Candle houses

A good fairy tale come to life.

Our candle houses are especially popular with buyers and tourists. Currently, there are more than 500 original items in Elfu Fabrika collection: prototypes of monuments of world architecture; models of urban and rural buildings; dwellings of fairy tale characters and houses in fantasy style.

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Warm to the touch grid of cracks.

Elfu Fabrika introduces works of stoneware made by the artist named Mart. He is around 40 years old and he is a talented and promising author. Mart tells about himself, “I received first lessons in modelling from my grandmother. Long time ago, the whole neighbourhood made use of her earthenware, i.e. pots, jugs and bowls. Her grandfather and father were potters.

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Glass miniatures

The petals play with reflections of light.

A magic garden, where flowers of glass are growing on a dreamer-gardener whim. Roses, tulips, orchids – their crystalline petals fancifully play with glare of light. Stems quietly ring in the wind or at a touch of hands. Bizarre birds are hidden in branches of crystalline glass; their song is about to sound. Queer animals have a rest from the heat in the shadow. A shoal of coloured fish frisks in the pond.

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Lightness and transparency.

Elfu Fabrika introduces a collection of porcelain handmade by Latvian artist Helena Savicka. She began her labour activity more than 30 years ago at the Riga Porcelain Factory, former famous Kuznetsov factory. She worked in a workshop, then in an art laboratory, where she created her first models. After graduation from the Latvian Academy of Art, Helena Savicka set up a small studio, where she has been working to this day. All her works are made and painted by hand under original sketches.

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Corporate gifts and souvenirs

Each work is unique.

Companies, the same as people, like to give and receive gifts.
Our artists develop and create original models reproducing elements of design and corporate identity of a customer company. All craftworks are produced in strictly limited series and are never repeated later on.